Stirring and Mixing in Turbulence: the Lagrangian Approach

21 - 30 August 2006

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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The Lagrangian approach has recently inspired important new theoretical results in turbulence, it has brought a renewed interest in the turbulent mixing problem, and it has sparked new experimental methods.

This workshop completes an EU research network on this subject and intends to bring together fluid dynamicists both from inside and from outside the network with an interest in fundamental issues of turbulence.

The purpose of the workshop is to collaborate on outstanding issues and to define new inroads into the future of turbulence research.  Also, a series of more didactical lectures will be given on the Lagrangian approach.

The workshop is coordinated by A. Pumir (Nice), E. Bodenschatz (Goettingen) and W. van de Water (Eindhoven).


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