Summer School on Models for Embedded Signal Processing Systems

30 August - 3 September 2010

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Description and aim

The objective of the Summer School on Models for Embedded Signal Processing Systems is to provide graduate students, early stage researchers, and practitioners in signal processing and embedded signal processing systems related domains state-of-the-art model-based approaches to the specification and design of signal processing systems. Because signals are special cases of streams, particular attention will be payer to so-called dataflow models of computation, among which are the dataflow graphs, the dataflow process networks, the polyhedral process networks, the Kahn process networks, and the reactive process networks. But also mixtures of dataflow models and finite-state-machine models will be considered.  The specification and design methods that will be presented are based on recently proposed strong principles of separation of concerns, system-level (or abstract) and platform based design. All models and methods that will be presented are targeting application concurrency and implementation parallelism. Taking an FPGA platform as an illustrative target execution platform, the process of mapping applications into execution platforms – transforming application models to implementation models that is – will be dealt with extensively. All teachers are experts in the field, and have all contributed recently to the Models and Methods part of a Signal Processing Systems Handbook - a volume of over 1000 pages that is to appear later this year as a Springer publication.

Apart from attending the seminars, attendees will participate in hands-on projects and brain storm session addressing research issues covered by the presentations.  See the program for more details. The last day will be reserved for small research projects under the supervision of instructors. These projects will be using fully automated signal processing algorithm/architecture design frameworks, from Leiden, College Park and Zurich. The school will conclude with a key note talk, seminars evaluation, and wrap ups by participants.

This Summer School on Models for Embedded Signal Processing Systems is the first in a series of summer schools to be held the coming decade in various venues worldwide.  Presentations will be taped and made available through the website of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, together with complementary teaching material. The attendees will be asked to evaluate the seminars as a contribution to the preparation of the final web materials.


Professor Twan A. Basten, Netherlands

Professor Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya, Maryland

Professor Ed F. Deprettere, Netherlands

Professor Soonhoi Ha, South Korea

Professor Christian Haubelt, Germany

Professor Lothar Thiele, Switzerland

Professor Roger Woods,  United Kingdom


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