Superconductors and Hybrid Structures at Extreme Scales and Conditions

22 April - 3 May 2002

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Superconductors and hybrid structures at extreme scales and conditions

The workshop "Superconductors and hybrid structures at extreme scales and conditions” is planned to be the first in a sequence of workshops on related subjects. We intend to bring together a group of scientists, mostly theorists, actively working in the area of nanoscale superconductivity and magnetism to discuss and work together on the most urgent topics in the field. A diverse group of experimentalists will fuel the discussions and promote the development of new ideas. 

We plan an informal setting where experts in the field will present recent advances and discuss future directions and possible impact on related fields.  We expect to strongly benefit from the Leiden University environment.  We anticipate fruitful discussions and, possibly, joint programs with the Leiden University experimentalists and Quantum Transport Group from Delft TU.

Tentative list of topics: 1. Fluctuations in nanoscale superconductors and Josephson arrays. 2. Noise and dynamics in nanoscale superconductors.

3. Andreev states and  coherent phenomena 4. Tunneling and vortex dynamics in small Josephson circuits and Josephson arrays 5. Non-stationary effects in mesoscopic superconductors 6. Ferromagnet / superconductor heterostructures 7. Coulomb blockade

Scientific Committee: Y. Galperin

Y. Nazarov

V. Vinokur

Organizing Committee:

V. Vinokur

P. Kes


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