Symplectic Dynamics Beyond Periodic Orbits

10 - 14 August 2020

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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The aim of this workshop is to focus on some of the most exciting recent developments at
the interface of dynamics and symplectic topology concerning applications of symplectic topolog-
ical methods to the dynamics of Hamiltonian systems beyond periodic orbits. While in essence
symplectic topological techniques, such as Floer theory, are ultimately based on periodic orbits
or interactions between periodic orbits, these recent developments convincingly show that subtle
dynamics information is accessible to symplectic topology and what we see now is only the begin-
ning of the story. Very roughly and somewhat arti ficially, we can break down the recent results
obtained in this direction and new methods into three groups:

 Dynamics of Pseudorotations.
 Invariant Sets and Ergodic Measures.
 Topological Entropy via Floer Theory.


    Monday August 10

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    Friday August 14

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    Viktor Ginzburg, University of California  

    Hansjörg Geiges, Universität zu Köln  

    Federica Pasquotto, Vrije Universiteit  

Tanja Uitbeijerse

+31 71 527 5582

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