Tackling the Complexities of Substellar Objects

10 - 14 February 2020

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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a) Get to know the four communities and their methods.

b) Exchange knowledge and methods.

c) Start join projects (observation proposals, ideas for papers etc.).

    Monday 10 February

    Theme of the day: Establishing Common ground I
    Day chair: Jackie Faherty

    Pillar 1: A Diverse Zoo: The Wide Variety of Brown Dwarfs

    09:3010:00 Arrival, registration
    10:0010:30 Welcome and introduction
    10:3011:00 Keynote speaker I: Diane Powell (25'+5')
    11:0011:30 Keynote speaker II: Sarah Caswell (25'+5')
    11:3012:00 Calling card event I (1 hour – 2 min per person in group 1)
    12:3014:00 Lunch @Snellius restaurant
    14:0015:00 Moderated discussion I
    15:0015:30 Coffee break

    Pillar 2: Squinting into the Glare: Directly Imaged Exoplanets

    15:3016:00 Keynote speaker I: Faustine Cantalloube (25'+5')
    16:0016:30 Keynote speaker II: Elisabeth Matthews (25'+5')
    16:3017:30 Calling card event II (1 hour – 2 min per person in group 2)
    17:3019:00 Wine and cheese party

    Tuesday 11 February

    Theme of the day: Common ground II

    Day chair: Ludmila Carone

    Pillar 3: Planets in a Box and Pixel: Simulating & Observing Extrasolar Planets

    09:3010:00 Keynote speaker I: Laura Kreidberg (25'+5')
    10:0010:30 Keynote speaker II: Caroline Morley (25'+5')
    10:3011:00 Coffee break
    11:0012:00 Calling card event III (1 hour – 2 min per person in group 3)
    12:0014:00 Lunch @Snellius restaurant
    14:0015:00 Moderated discussion II
    15:0015:30 Coffee break

    Pillar 4: Home Truths: What we know from the Solar System

    15:3016:00 Keynote speaker I: Yamila Miguel (25'+5')
    16:0016:30 Keynote speaker II: Leigh Fletcher (25'+5')
    16:3017:30 Calling card event IV (1 hour – 2 min per person in group 4)
    17:3018:00 Splinter session discussion
    18:0019:30 Working parties evening

    Wednesday 12 February

    Theme of the day: Challenges (Uranus and Neptune, Model problems, Time variability in observations)

    Day chair Matt Kenworthy

    09:3010:30 Setting up splinters (30 mins): for example, Importance of a mission to Uranus and Neptune to understand extrasolar Mini-Neptunes,
    10:3011:00 Coffee break
    11:0012:00 Splinter sessions I
    12:0014:00 Lunch @Snellius restaurant
    14:0015:00 Splinter sessions I (continued)
    16:0016:30 Coffee break
    16:3017:00 Open space session
    17:0018:00 Interim report and discussion
    18:2019:00 Leave LC to restaurant
    19:0022:00 Workshop dinner at the Koesthuis restaurant Leiden

    Thursday 13 February

    Theme of the day: Towards new shores (JWST and more)

    Day chair: Michele Bannister

    09:3010:30 Setting up splinters (30 mins): for example, JWST & other telescope propoals, Usage of JWST Early Release Science Data
    10:3011:00 Coffee break
    11:0012:00 Splinter sessions II
    12:0014:00 Lunch @Snellius restaurant
    14:0015:00 Splinter sessions II (continued)
    16:0016:30 Coffee break
    16:3017:00 Open space session
    17:0018:00 Interim report and discussion

    Friday 14 February

    Theme of the day: Keeping momentum

    Day chair: Ludmila Carone

    09:3010:30 Presentation of splinter deputies (10 – 20’each)
    10:3011:00 Coffee break
    11:0012:00 Organizers: (50- + 10’ dis.) Take away messages + future agenda
    12:0014:30 Lunch @Snellius restaurant
    14:3017:30 Optional time for discussions or group activity (Wrap up, Deliverables of the workshop: e.g. living interactive living document of splinters for future reference, roadmap for future collaborations)
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    Jackie Faherty, American Museum of Natural History  

    Matthew Kenworthy, Leiden Observatory  

    Ludmila Carone, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy  

    Michele Bannister, Queen's University Belfast  

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