The Chemical Enrichment of the Intergalactic Medium

25 - 29 May 2009

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Description and Aim

The chemical enrichment of the intergalactic medium (IGM), which contains most of the baryons in the universe, provides us with a fossil record of past star formation and a unique laboratory to study physical processes that are crucial for our understanding of galaxy formation and evolution.

The pollution of the IGM with metals also has profound consequences for the formation of stars and galaxies through its effect on the radiative cooling rates. Although substantial progress has been made in recent years, the enrichment of the IGM remains poorly understood. The distribution and relative abundances of intergalactic metals are still uncertain and it is unclear what the dominant enrichment mechanism is and how it varies with redshift and environment. Much observational and theoretical work remains to be done to fully exploit the potential of intergalactic metals as a tool to constrain models of galaxy formation and evolution. This workshop will bring together researchers working on: - Models and observations

- The intracluster/group medium and the diffuse IGM

- The low- and high-redshift IGM - Galactic winds and the IGM The aim is to provide a stimulating environment to discuss the latest observational and theoretical developments and the best ways forward. Workshop format: The format of the workshop will include ample time for discussion. The Lorentz Center provides an ideal environment for this workshop format, with meeting rooms and office space for participants. Due to space restrictions the number of participants will unfortunately have to be limited. Participants will be selected from amongst the registered applicants and contacted shortly after the deadline. The deadline for registration is 22 February 2009. There will be no registration fee. Limited funds are available to assist participants who lack funding. Scientific coordinators: Stefano Borgani Jason Prochaska Joop Schaye Michael Shull Charles Steidel Invited speakers: Anthony Aguirre        

Romeel Davé

Andrea Ferrara                                                                    

Andrew Fox

Mordecai Mark Mac-Low    

Crystal Martin

Francesca Matteucci                                                           

Silvano Molendi

Max Pettini

Trevor Ponman

Robert Simcoe

David Strickland

Tom Theuns                                                                          

Mark Voit


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