The Cool, Cooler and Cold - Cluster Cooling Flows in a New Light

8 - 12 September 2008

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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In the past decade has seen massive progress in the observational evidence for the interconnection between gas cooling and re-heating in cluster cores, particularly in the X-ray, mid-infrared and sub-mm regimes. We would like to take the opportunity just before the launch of Herschel, ESAs new far-infrared space observatory, to take stock of the latest observational and theoretical work on cooling flows. With new facilities such as ALMA and SOFIA also beginning operations, we see the workshop as an opportunity to stimulate the best proposals and collaborations to exploit these new opportunities. We intend to draw together the key workers in this diverse area with a particular emphasis in bringing together theorists and observers to identify a common strategy for the next decade. We are keen to ensure that as many current PhD students working in this area attend. The workshop aims to combine talks with large and small group discussions throughout the week to identify areas where future effort would be most effective and to publicise pre-publication results. We would like most participants to talk for 20-30mins on their latest work.

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