The good, the bad, and the calculable: the pro- and cons of terrorism risk analysis

26 May 2016

Language:           This lecture will be held in English

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De voertaal voor deze lezing is Engels, een Nederlandse samenvatting vindt u onderaan

The good, the bad, and the calculable: the pro- and cons of terrorism risk analysis

Critical infrastructure protection is a hot topic these days. Concerns about the susceptibility of governmental information systems to cyber-attacks and the threat of terrorism to infrastructures, such as public transportation systems, water and electricity supplies are well reported in the news. However, we can’t protect ourselves against all potential attacks or threats. On Thursday the 26th of May, we invite you to learn about and discuss our abilities to predict and manage risks of adverse intentional acts such as terrorism and cybercrime. Professor Detlof von Winterfeldt of the National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events at the University of California will lecture on adversarial risk analysis and management for counter-terrorism. Dr. Quirine Eijkman, Professor Access to Justice at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht will discuss the legal and social implications of risk management policies. We invite you to join us in the discussion, to reflect on the desirability of such policies, and debate issues such as the restriction of civil rights and the culture of fear that arise in the aftermaths of major security threats.


20:00  - 22:00      Public lectures

The Old Leiden Observatory is the oldest university observatory in the world, it has been home to many world famous astronomers. Because of the historical and scientific significance that this building holds, the astronomy department tries to uphold the building in its former glory by using and maintaining the 4 antique telescopes that are housed in the domes, giving tours through the building and holding regular open days for the public (www.

The Lorentz Center is a Dutch international workshop center that is hosted by Leiden University. It organizes scientific workshops, to promote innovative research at the scientific frontiers as well as on complex societal challenges (


Museum Boerhaave organiseert in samenwerking met het Lorentz Center een publiekslezing onder de titel ‘The good, the bad, and the calculable: the pro- and cons of terrorism risk analysis’. De eerste spreker is Detlof von Winterfeldt, Professor aan de Viterbi School of Engineering en aan de University of Southern California (USC).  De tweede lezing is van Dr. Quirine Eijkman, Professor Access to Justice aan de Universiteit van Utrecht. De publiekslezing maakt deel uit van de workshop ‘Adversarial Risk Analysis for Critical Infrastructure’, welke tijdens de week plaats vindt op het Lorentz Center.

20:00  - 22:00      Public lectures

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