Topological Matter at H-Zero: Photonic, Acoustic, and Mechanical Analogues of Electronic Topological Insulators

9 - 13 May 2016

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Description and Aim

Topological phases of matter have recently made their way from the quantum realm of electrons to the classical world of light, sound, and mechanics. Much to the surprise of the quantum mechanical community, the topological effects survive in the classical limit. Common to these new developments is the presence of robust edge modes that owe their existence to integer-valued quantities (topological invariants) characterizing the interior of the system.

The translation of quantum mechanical concepts to classical waves calls for an integrated approach, that will proceed most effectively if researchers with expertise in electronic topological materials are brought in close contact with all three fields of optics, acoustics, and mechanics. The program of this workshop will be structured with that aim in mind.

Scientific Organizers:

•           Charles Kane & Tom Lubensky (Philadelphia)

•           Vincenzo Vitelli & Carlo Beenakker (Leiden)


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