Translational Aging Research: Challenges and Opportunities

6 - 8 January 2016

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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The aim of the workshop is to generate a roadmap of translational research on ageing by discussing compelling results obtained in animal models and human studies. The translational roadmap will be based on observations in cohort and clinical studies, amenable mechanisms investigated in humans and animal models, experimental designs and feasible targets for interventions in the near future accompanied by biomarker research . A dedicated group of (55) experts in the ageing field (endocrinologist, geriatricians, biologists, epidemiologists and public health professionals) will jointly work on the formulation of building blocks for a roadmap to reach a set of goals in understanding ageing, longevity and changing health conditions of the elderly.

The focus of the workshop is to facilitate and inspire a three days expert discussion.  Speakers will introduce different topics explaining their field and their vision on translational issues in ageing research, the opportunities, the problems. For each discussion human and animal model/model system perspectives will be merged. Each session will be followed by a general discussion and discussion groups to maximize the input and expert opinion of all discussants.



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