Travel sustainably

The Lorentz Center brings together people from all over the world to attend 5-day workshops. To enable interactive group dynamics and create an open and safe environment where ideas can be exchanged freely, it has always been very important for workshop participants to be physically present at the Lorentz Center. However, this also means that many participants need to travel, resulting in travel-related emissions.

We, at the Lorentz Center, have a strong desire to contain carbon emissions and contribute to a more sustainable world. Therefore, we strongly advise our participants to try minimizing their carbon footprint when traveling to the Lorentz Center by adopting the following measures:


  • Travel by train instead of by airplane, when possible. As of recently, more train connections have been made available throughout Europe, connecting Amsterdam (a short train ride from Leiden) to Vienna, Basel, Zurich, Paris, London, Berlin, Brussels, and many other major European cities. Note that, as of January 2023, we will not refund flight tickets for distances <500 km.
  • Combine your trips. For participants visiting the Lorentz Center from overseas, we recommend combining your visit to the Lorentz Center with other events taking place in Europe, so as to minimize your business trips overseas.
  • Choose your flight options. Choosing direct flights instead of flights with a layover and flying economy class instead of business or first class have a major impact on flight-related emissions.
  • Compensate your travel emissions. While avoiding flight-related emissions altogether is best, consider offsetting your flight-related emissions. Flight companies offer options for compensation, alternatively, you can find your favorite organization for your offsets.
  • Consider remote participation. Many of our Lorentz Center workshops offer the possibility of online participation (at the discretion of the organizers), so you can consider joining the workshop remotely.

We realize that many of our Lorentz Center participants are directly working on sustainability-related topics, we welcome your additional tips on how to enable more sustainable travel to the Lorentz Center.

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