Wound care technologies from multidisciplinary science to clinical practice

22 - 26 May 2023

Venue: Lorentz Center@Oort

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Despite the broad knowledge and experience of research on the different etiologies from several angles on deep tissue injury, still many aspects remain only poorly understood. All the research that has been done regarding wound and scar treatment is for the sake of helping patients have a better life quality and return to their normal life as soon as possible. However, in order to improve and even optimize therapies, quantitative understanding of the behavior of post-trauma tissue is necessary. For this reason, the venue provides an interdisciplinary platform of clinicians, medical biologists, tissue engineers and mathematicians with interest in biology. We aim at a synergy with a huge potential to bring a breakthrough in wound healing and wound care technologies.

To this extent, scientists from different disciplines will meet and be able to extend their network, which will give a boost to interdisciplinary wound care simulation-oriented research in the Netherlands. This research will be beneficial to clinical practice since simulation allows determining the therapeutic settings and conditions for the maximized probability of successful treatment. The focus will be on soft tissue wounds, where people will work on acute burn injuries, surgical wounds as well as on chronic diabetic and pressure ulcers. Presentations during the workshop will focus on modelling, clinical practice and on biomedical results, and attendants are strongly encouraged to discuss the open questions and challenges in their own research.

Participants are encouraged to publish their research results, in particular, the results from collaboration with multidisciplinary fields in a special issue of the Journal of Clinical Biomechanics (Elsevier). Furthermore, a roadmap or a survey document of discussed challenges will be written. More details regarding this special issue will be announced by the end of the workshop.

For this workshop a couple of seats are available to non-invited participants. Please make sure to complete your registration by 26 March. Note that participation is not guaranteed. The scientific organizers will decide upon your participation. 


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