CECAM-Lorentz call

CECAM and the Lorentz Center annually organize a call to attract scientists who want to organize a computational science workshop. Every other year the workshop will be held at the Lorentz Center in Leiden or at CECAM in Lausanne.

The CECAM-Lorentz program plans to host a leading-edge workshop in computational simulation and modeling and its applications. Otherwise, the topic is open.

What we seek
• an innovative scientific programme, that takes us beyond our current boundaries
• an open and interactive format, with few lectures

What we offer
• a 5-day workshop for up to 25 people in the second half of 2020
• travel and accommodation reimbursements and other organisational costs
• a professional support organisation

• a 1-page expression of interest by 1 November
• a full application by 15 December 
• final decision mid-January 
• submit applications to: proposal@lorentzcenter.nl

Evaluation committee

Marjolein Dijkstra, Utrecht University
Eberhard Gross, Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics
Joost Kok, Leiden University / University of Twente
Evert Jan Meijer, University of Amsterdam

Please find answers to several FAQs here

Henriette Jensenius, scientific manager Lorentz Center, jensenius@lorentzcenter.nl
Ignacio Pagonabarraga, director CECAM, ignacio.pagonabarraga@epfl.ch

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