Financial support


The Lorentz Center covers a substantial part of your workshop costs.


Regular funding

 The support we provide for regular Lorentz Center workshops is divided in two parts:


  1. In-kind support, including: the venue and facilities, social events (welcome reception, workshop dinner), beverages and cookies in the breaks, a workshop poster, organizational support, and support developing the proposal and program.
  2. A refund budget to cover lodging, travel and/or lunch costs for some of the participants, based on the number of participants present on-site and the duration of the meeting. The budget is € 25,- per person per day, as is also calculated in the budget spreadsheet (for a 5-day workshop with full attendance, this amounts to €3125 for a workshop@Snellius, and €6875 for a workshop@Oort.) The organizers allocate this part of the budget.
    Note that, as of January 2023, only train tickets will be refunded if the distance traveled is less than 500 km. (See our webpage Travel sustainably)

The total of the two parts, refund budget and in-kind support, amounts to roughly € 30.000 per workshop. Funding of Lorentz Center workshops is made available by Leiden University and the Dutch Research Council (NWO). 

In addition, many workshops have supplementary funding, acquired by the scientific organizers, from sources outside the Lorentz Center.


Basic funding

Sometimes the Lorentz Center will offer basic funding instead of the regular funding. Basic funding covers the costs for the venue and facilities, the welcome reception, beverages and cookies in the breaks, organizational support, and support developing the proposal and program.  Any other costs should be financed with external funds secured by the scientific organizers.


The two main reasons for this option are [1] the nature of the workshop; r instance closed meetings for already-established groups or consortia or workshops carried out within large grants with funding for workshop (e.g. ERC advanced) and [2] workshop proposals that fall just below the cut-off for workshops we can support with regular funding, but that we still have manpower to support.
In both cases, the proposals must be well evaluated by the relevant scientific advisory boards.


Diversity fund

The Lorentz Center can allocate a small budget to support the expenses of participants eligible for the Diversity Fund. Please check this page for more information.


For your inspiration, we have listed the organizations that have funded Lorentz Center workshops:
list of funding sources from the past.



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