New collaboration: WE Heraeus – Lorentz program

We are very happy to announce that, as from January 2024, the Lorentz Center and the Wilhelm und Else Heraeus Stiftung  begin a pilot to collaborate on one or more annual workshops at the Lorentz Center.

The collaboration supports two different kinds of meetings: WE Heraeus – Lorentz workshops
and Dutch-German WE Heraeus – Lorentz Seminars in the area of physics (in the broadest sense) organized in collaboration with researchers based in Germany.


The seminars are in particular aimed to strengthen existing cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany or to initiate new ones.


Both the WE Heraeus – Lorentz workshops and the Dutch-German WE Heraeus – Lorentz Seminars are fully funded by the WE-Heraeus Stiftung


The general condition for the workshops is that at least one co-organizer is based in Germany and one based in The Netherlands. For the Seminars also approximately 1/3 participants should be affiliated with German institutions, 1/3 participants affiliated with Dutch institutions and 1/3 participants from the rest of the world.


In addition, the events should fulfill the expectations and requirements of regular Lorentz Center workshops. For the seminars, if desired, the program may be more shifted towards lectures, less focus on the interactive part than expected by the workshops.


The deadline for proposals for the pilot is 30 January 2024.


More information on the collaboration and on how to apply can be found here.


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