Organize a workshop

Any researcher or group of researchers can apply for organizing a workshop at the Lorentz Center.

How to organize a workshop

The organization of a workshop starts by contacting the Lorentz Center. If you have an idea for a workshop, or already have a draft proposal, please contact us by or submit your (draft) proposal through our workshop application portal

You are also welcome to contact us per telephone or come by to discuss your idea.


Workshop proposals can be submitted three times per year: 30 January, 30 May and 30 September. Workshops will be planned in the period 8-15 months after the deadline.


Upcoming evaluation 30 September

We invite you to submit your proposal by 30 September 2024, for workshops that will take place in May 2025 - December 2025. 


Application procedure

  1. Send us your idea or draft proposal at the earliest possible stage.
  2. We will contact you with feedback and suggestions on how to develop your idea and support you in finalizing your proposal.
  3. Prepare your proposal using our application instructions and templates:
  4. Submit your final application via our online application portal before the deadline.
  5. Our scientific advisory boards will evaluate your submitted proposal on scientific content, novelty, relevance and program format.
  6. You will receive feedback, suggestions and/or requests from the board(s) which you should respond to.
  7. Within 3 months we will inform you about the status of your application.


After approval

  1. When your proposal is approved and your dates are confirmed, a workshop coordinator, who takes care of the practical organization, is assigned to your workshop.
  2. Your workshop takes place within fifteen months of application.
  3. Nine to six months before the workshop the practical organization is kick-started in an intake meeting.


We also have some special calls and competitions. If you’re interested, you can have a look to see if one of these suits your idea.


 Questions or complaints about decisions on proposals 




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