Join the public lecture 'Can predicting the future help us to make better decisions about our health?'

22 nov 2022

Many apps and websites provide calculators of our individual risk of developing a disease using information about our age, lifestyle, our current health etc. It is expected that advances in artif...

Lorentz Medal awarded in Leiden in presence of Minister Dijkgraaf

11 nov 2022

  Within the scope of Leiden European City of Science, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) presented the quadrennial Lorentz Medal to Daan Frenkel in the Academy Build...

NFOA: Setting the Dutch Forensic Research Agenda

07 nov 2022

In October and November the Lorentz Center hosts 11 one-day workshops with one specific theme: a National Forensic Investigation Agenda (NFOA).

Join the public lecture 'Vrouwen van Venus, mannen van Mars?' (in Dutch)

24 oct 2022

How much do the brains of men and women actually differ from each other? And does this also explain differences in the prevalence of psychiatric disorders and symptoms?

ICT with Industry 2023: registration is open

21 oct 2022

The Lorentz Center and NWO are organizing the ICT with Industry workshop, which will take place from 16 to 20 January 2023. Fifty researchers from different universities will work together exte...

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